Estate Planning in 2022.

The term estate planning refers to the process and preparation of legal documents which deal with your estate and assets both whilst you are still alive and after you have gone.

When we talk about estate planning we are referring to the following:


House ownership


Looking after pets

Lasting Powers of Attorney; and

Trusts (asset protection)

Lots of well-meaning people think that Wills are simple documents but in reality they are complex documents that need to be tailored to an individual’s circumstances and at Soteria Planning, we’re very good at that. For us and our team of trained professionals, we care to ensure that our clients fully understand the reasons behind our advice and what the documents will mean to their loved ones. This is one of the reasons that we are trusted by lots of professional businesses, their clients and of course their staff.

When we think about estate planning in 2022, we need to deal with relevant tax law and investigate how we can mitigate it or plan for it. It’s important that you understand your legal documents too, so in this article, we have shared an introduction to the topics above and what they mean in more detail.

Whilst it’s important to have proper planning in place, we never like to rush our clients into appointments. We feel that it’s important that they are ready to prepare, so after reading, if you would like to book an appointment, give us a call or send us an email to arrange your free consultation. 

After the consultation, if you’d like to proceed, you can book in for an instruction appointment where we will take your instructions and begin preparing your documents.

If you would like to meet with a specific member of our team, take a look at our ‘Meet the Team’ page and feel free to contact them directly.

For more information about Wills, take a look at this link:

Information about Wills:

For more information about Lasting Powers of Attorney, look at these two links:

  1. 3 Reasons you need an LPA:
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For more information about Trusts check out these two links:

  1. Information about Trusts:
  2. What is a Trust (Explained):

Any questions, feel free to get in touch: 

Thanks for reading.

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