Making a Will is the only way you can be sure that your wishes will be carried out when you’re no longer alive. With a Will in place, you can be confident that your assets will go to the people you intended – without leaving them any unnecessary burdens or worries.

As expert Will writers, we can help you protect the things you’ve worked hard for. Whether your estate is simple or complex, we can make the process of making a Will cost-effective and straightforward.

Do you know what happens if you don't have a will in place?

The Value of Our Services

Everybody should have a will, but it is particularly important if you have reached certain milestones in your life. We can offer the following Will services:

  • Marriage, civil partnership or divorce
    If you’re just about to get married, you’ll want to make sure your assets go to your loved one. Similarly, if a relationship is coming to an end, you’ll be keen to settle matters while avoiding lengthy and costly court disputes. We’ll work closely with you to develop a strategy that’s fair for you and your family while protecting your financial security.
  • Moving in with your partner
    When you’re starting a new relationship, the last thing anyone wants to think about is the possibility of your relationship breaking down. But, if you’re living together, neither of you is protected by the law. The ideal solution for many is a cohabitation agreement. As a Will writing solicitor, we can also help with pre-nuptial agreements to safeguard your future interests should your relationship fail.
  • Protecting your wealth
    You want to make sure that your wealth and assets are protected for future generations following your death. When you’re making a Will, you can also maximise the value of your hard won assets through effective estate planning. We could help you achieve significant tax savings to help you manage your wealth now and in the future.
  • Other services
    There are other times when you may want to consider writing a Will and getting your affairs in order. From the birth of your children or buying a new house– a life-changing event like this can make having a Will a necessity. Changes in the law and tax legislation may also mean that it’s important to make or update a Will.

If your Will is straightforward, we’ll recommend our fixed fee Will, a simple and cost-effective way to plan ahead. If you already have a Will in place, we can also help you update it if your circumstances change.

Will Writing Berkshire
"Highly recommend Jamie. Having used him we really can’t fault him. We feel he gave us clear and knowledgable advise on our options and what was best for us. Jamie really guided us through a process we didn’t really know much about, to enable us to be able to put into action what we had planned in our minds. Great service, great guy!."
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