Urgent Will for Terminally Ill

A gentleman in his 50s was unexpectedly diagnosed with stage IV cancer. With an unclear life expectancy and the effects of his first round of chemotherapy weighing heavily on him, he urgently needed to prepare wills for himself and his wife to put his mind eat ease. At Soteria Planning, we understand the importance of timely and compassionate service, especially in the urgent situations. Our efficient process ensured that the gentleman's needs were met without ant added stress or delay:

  • Thursday: Enquiry received
  • Friday: Consultation completed
  • Monday: Will drafted
  • Tuesday: Will approved
  • Wednesday: Will signed

To accommodate his health condition, all consultations and the final signing were conducted at his home at times that suited him best. This approach provided the convenience and comfort he needed during such a challenging time.

Our quick turnaround and home service gave the gentleman peace of mind, knowing his and his wife's wills were in place, ensuring their wishes would be respected.

This case study showcases Soteria Planning's commitment to providing timely, compassionate and high-quality estate planning services, ensuring our clients' peace of mind in their most critical moments.

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