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It’s been four months now since we moved our office to Binfield.
What a lovely village Binfield is! I was interested to find out that the name ‘Binfield’ derives from the Old English for ‘open land where bent grass grows’. The area is not as rural as the name would suggest; it is a thriving village. Our new office is part of a local business community involving a local estate agents, a restaurant, a bakery and a florist. The footfall around our new place is busy, with the local library being next door.

We would love to become the chosen estate planning partner for the people of Binfield, having already amassed a total of 400 new clients since our move at the start of August 2022.

We are very much looking forward to supporting local events such at the Binfield 10k and the Binfield Scarecrow trail in 2023; and would be really happy to support more. The people of Binfield have been very friendly and welcoming.

For us as a business, having other local businesses nearby is amazing. We feel we can build a small business hub in Binfield and support each other. Some of the fun things I have done since moving to Binfield include having a pint in the Vic Arms, playing some golf at Golfplex on the old Blue Mountain Site, and going for lunch at the Shurlock Inn which I would highly recommend to anyone.

I would love to find out more things to do in Binfield so feel free to share some exciting things for us to do in Binfield! Remember, if you require some advice on your Will or a Lasting Power of Attorney then feel free to drop by or enquire on our website

Here’s to a collaborative future in Binfield!

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