Grandparents Needed Updated Wills Arranging

Henry and Margaret, grandparents with a growing family, approached us with the intention of updating their wills.

The primary concern for Henry and Margaret was to update their wills to reflect the changing dynamics of their family. They wanted to ensure that their growing number of grandchildren would be adequately provided for, as they felt that they were now at the stage that the grandchildren had a greater need to benefit from their estate.

We engaged in detailed consultations with Henry and Margaret to understand their goals. and updated their wills to include specific provisions for a percentage of the estate to go to their grandchildren to assist with university fees, deposit for a mortgage, and any other foreseeable financial needs. This ensured a tangible contribution to their educational and personal pursuits.

Updating wills for grandparents is a forward-thinking approach that reflects a commitment to the well-being and aspirations of future generations and this case exemplifies the importance of adapting estate plans to accommodate changing family dynamics.