Diary of a Will Writer – with Norman Vaughan

Episode 1

I joined the unique world of Will Writing becoming an advisor at Soteria Planning in January of 2022. After 25+ years in Corporate Sales I was super interested in impacting the lives of customers (rather than the profit margin of shareholder focused companies). I was lucky, 4 years with Zoom (yes the renowned Video Collaboration giant) under the leadership of Eric Yuan was different, the company ethos was ‘Delivering Happiness’ and this had become imprinted on me. Throughout the pandemic I felt like a superhero, every client was unique, had their own challenges and my role was to ensure collectively we vanquished the evil Covid-19 enemy and delivered a safe environment for users to connect with clients, colleagues, friends and family.

It wasn’t just “doing a job” and in no way do I liken our importance to those connected to the care service, the medical professionals, cleaners and carers, emergency services and key workers who put their own lives at risk to ensure the safety of others. However, the impact on the Schools, Care Homes, Hospices, Business and individual user’s lives made an impression on me, it was possible to not just get paid for a day’s work but sleep comfortably at night in the knowledge that your advice is impacting lives. 

My first 90 days were incredible. I feel like a wise family member (though I’m relatively youngish in years…….) who departs knowledge to family members who may not have understood the nuances of the world of Estate Planning. The questions were endless, the statements sometimes eyebrow raising. The key is we work hard every day to maintain our homes and love our families. In this space, I am a Superhero with a focus on my client’s homes, families, pets and businesses, I hope you continue to follow this blog and hear my weekly experiences but more importantly, like your mobile bill, utilities and entertainment packages, find time in your diary to review the important things for the future, not just the expendable things today.

To book and meeting with Norman to review your current Will, or discuss other Estate Planning options, contact 0208 152 24 24 or click here to schedule an online meeting.

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