The Smith family, began to notice the challenges their ageing aunt was facing. Recognising the importance of proactively addressing potential future incapacity, the Smiths sought our assistance to explore their options with regards to Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) for financial and health decisions while their aunt was still mentally capable.

Her nephews were concerned about the increasing difficulty their aunt was experiencing in managing day-to-day affairs. To ensure that her wishes were respected and her well-being protected, the Smiths wanted to appoint trusted family members who could step in to make important financial and health decisions when necessary and ensure the relevant documents were prepared confirming their legal authority to make those decisions and protecting them from challenges from other family members.

Our team conducted a thorough assessment of the mental capacity of Mrs. It was crucial to ensure that she was still capable of understanding and making decisions about the appointment of attorneys for financial and health matters.

We facilitated a family discussion to understand the preferences and concerns of both Mrs Smith and her family. Together, we identified the most suitable individuals within the family to act as attorneys. In this case, Mrs Smiths' two nephews and a great-niece were chosen for their trustworthiness, proximity, and commitment to the well-being of their aunt.

After obtaining the necessary consents and preferences, we drafted the LPAs for financial and health decisions. The documents were thoroughly reviewed with everyone involved, ensuring that everyone was clear on their roles and responsibilities. The LPAs were then registered promptly, ensuring that the legal documentation was in place while Mrs Smith was fit and healthy.

The Smith family now has peace of mind knowing that, in the event Mrs Smith is unable to make her own decision, the right individuals are legally authorised to make financial and health decisions on behalf of Mrs Smith.

By initiating these discussions while mental capacity is intact, families can avoid potential complications and ensure that the right decisions are made by trusted individuals. Early planning in the form of LPAs serves as a protective measure, providing families with the assurance that their loved ones' affairs will be managed according to their wishes, even in challenging circumstances.