Leah Rickwood

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“I thrive on sharing my knowledge with my clients to help them understand the importance of protecting their familes and their assets. This is key to me in my role here at Soteria."

My partner and I have three children. As an unmarried couple I understand the importance of making sure that not only our children are protected but that my partner and I are too when it comes to Estate Planning.   

I have been in the legal industry for over twenty years, having worked in solicitors practices before joining Soteria Planning. I have specialised in several different areas of law. Wills and succession have emerged as a very personal area of law for me and as such, I feel this is where I can pass on my knowledge for my clients’ benefit.  

I am a very keen rugby fan and two of my daughters play at high level - needless to say that a lot of my spare time is spent at rugby clubs!

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