Claire Earwaker dos Reis

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“I help open up the conversation when it comes to planning for death and incapacity, making the process of drawing up Wills, Trusts and Lasting Powers of Attorney easy and accessible for everyone.”
Above all and before anything else, I'm a mum. Juggling full-time work and parenting is no joke, but every move I make is to make sure my son gets the best shot at life. There is not one thing in my life that I have wanted and not achieved, and I want to instil in him the wisdom to dream big, work hard, and overcome whatever obstacles life throws at you. 
Since launching my career in 2017, I've thrown myself into an industry that combines my passion for law, finance, and service to others. In this time I’ve achieved qualifications through both the Society of Will Writers and the Society of Trust and Estate Practioners elevating my position in the industry. Yes, I bring a wealth of experience and qualifications to the table, but just as important; I'm all about bringing some heart to a usually heavy topic, making the whole planning process a positive journey for my clients. 

My approach involves breaking down complex topics into bite-sized pieces. Whether through podcasts, live Q&A sessions, or graphics, my mission is to dispel myths and misconceptions surrounding estate planning, empowering individuals to take that crucial first step in making informed decisions for their families. No pushy sales tactics, no confusing jargon—just straightforward advice. 
Having quite a serious job on serious topics means getting that downtime is so important. When I'm off the clock, you'll catch me exploring the outdoors, being a big kid with my son, hanging out with my dad, and jumping on any chance to travel to new places.

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