Funeral Plans

A Funeral Plan is a way of saving to pay for the cost of your funeral. As an example, you could pay a monthly payment over a set time which guarantees the cost of the type of funeral you have chosen.  You can pay in one payment or over 1 year, 5 years or 10 years.  You can also personalise the type of funeral you want as part of the plan.

The Value of Our Services

Planning your funeral is not something anyone wants to do or even think about.  It’s one of those things that gets pushed back to be done another day.  However, not planning your funeral can leave your loved ones in a very difficult position both emotionally and financially when you have passed away.  If you don’t plan your funeral, your loved ones will have to find the money to pay for it and agree the type of funeral you would have wanted at a time when they will be upset and grieving. 

However, putting a Funeral Plan in place as early as possible will give you peace of mind that you have arranged and paid for the funeral you want, that your family will not have to organise the funeral at what will be an upsetting and emotional time for them and that the financial burden of the funeral will not fall on your loved ones. 


What is a funeral plan?

A funeral plan is essentially a promise to deliver a funeral at a date in the future. While funeral costs are rising faster than inflation, purchasing a funeral plan fixes the cost of the funeral at today’s prices. 

Funeral plans also allow you to make special requests and wishes for the funeral, such as music or readings, to ensure your loved ones arrange the funeral that you want, when the time comes.

Are there alternatives to a funeral plan?

Some people consider over 50s life insurance policies, ISAs or savings accounts to cover the cost of their funeral. However, these can prove unreliable in covering funeral costs as they don’t take into account the rising cost of funerals. 

You could also end up paying in much more than you would be paid out – which in turn could lead to further funds being needed when the time comes, putting stress and burden on your loved ones.

Furthermore, banks and financial companies won’t help with the funeral organisation – Dignity will. 

For total reassurance for yourself and your family, a funeral plan is the most practical choice.

What are the benefits of a funeral plan from Dignity?

  • Dignity is a stable company, with a long and reliable history
  • Registered with the Funeral Planning Authority
  • A choice of four individual funeral plans, all of which guarantee to cover the funeral director’s fees for arranging and conducting a cremation or burial funeral, no matter how far in the future it may be needed and how much funeral costs may rise in that time
  • Dignity funeral plans cover the crematorium fee and Minister fees
  • For burial services, Dignity provides a contribution of £1,220 which grows each year with the Retail Price index (RPI) – this can be used towards costs charged by third parties, such as the Minister or Officiant, cemetery costs or purchase of a burial plot
  • Personalise your plan by making your wishes known – include a favourite song or reading, specify your choice of flowers, or give guidance on your chosen location1
  • If your circumstances change, or you change your mind, Dignity will refund the money you’ve paid. A cancellation fee is only charged if you cancel after 30 days of taking out your plan
  • Access to Dignity’s network of over 800 Funeral Directors – and if you move house at any point after taking out your plan, it’s easy to change your nominated Funeral Director
  • Your money is held in the National Funeral Trust – a totally independent, secure trust fund

The Dignity Promise

If you choose to pay for your Dignity Funeral Plan over more than 12 months, and pass away before you’ve finished paying for it, Dignity will cover your outstanding balance.

Dignity will not ask your loved ones to pay a penny more than you’ve already paid for all the services included in your plan*.

Contact us today for more information about Dignity’s range of funeral plans and to discuss your individual requirements.

*Some requests may incur an additional charge and may not be covered by Dignity’s price guarantee. Any costs incurred from these requests will have to be paid for at the time of the funeral or alternatively a contribution can be made towards these costs which will increase each year in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI)

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