Diary of a Will Writer – With Norman Vaughan

Episode 2

Protection is a funny word and I explored how I ‘protected’ myself in my day-to-day life. Having joined Soteria Planning I met several people in my first 30 days who were involved in the world of ‘Protection”. Des, Ian, Clive, Melanie, Cassey and David……all were skilled in the world and could offer the correct cover to suit your family needs. On reflection I had a helmet for my mountain bike, I have Kevlar gear, safety boots, leather and a helmet to protect me from any serious damage should I come off my motorcycle in the event of an untimely accident. My car was equipped with 4 seat belts and front airbags so the driver and 3 passengers had a mechanism for protection in the event of a collision. 

What was apparent was each of these actions were to prevent greater injury but none of my ‘gear” protected me in the event that injury prevailed. What if I fell off my bike, hit my head and suffered a form of paralysis, entered a long-term coma or was diagnosed with a dreaded long-term condition that required continual treatment? Suddenly David (Healthcare) or Des, Ian, Clive, Mel or Cassey (Life Insurance & Critical illness Specialists) were my best friends. They would become the call that my loved ones would need to reach out to ensure that my care, income and mortgage were managed.

One final person became a key player in this world……me, the worlds Lasting Power of Attorney are very much laced in legal jargon and I’d wager 80-90% of the population (unless they have a predisposition for Estate Planning…. had not heard the word. Simply put it meant if I was unable (for whatever reason) to manage my own affairs, my nominated individual(s) could discuss my banking, cancel my mobile contract or indeed pause my Sky Subscription. All things that they couldn’t do unless I granted them this legal access……made me realise that ‘protection’ comes in all shapes and sizes.

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