Leon Briggs

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I thrive in legally advising and assisting people in protecting their family's future; by making the process of drawing up imperative legal documents such as Wills, Lasting Power of Attorneys, and Trusts with ease. I love to make people's lives as easy as possible by taking out all that complicated legal jargon and providing nothing but first-class, second-to-none legal advice from making provisions for your family and protecting your Estate, your personal assets, business assets and ultimately, leaving your loved ones a strong and powerful legacy for them to enter into once you pass away.

In my perspective, nothing is more crucial than taking care of my family. I am a family man whom has recently become a father. The highest priority for me is ensuring that my family's inheritance is built on a solid, unmovable foundation essentially meaning without a doubt in mind, they will be financially provided for and protected - nothing in life is more important to me.

Since launching my career. My expert legal knowledge combined with my strong interpersonal skills and my care of maintaining quality customer service is key and it has been and stands as an integral part of my journey working in the legal sector for a number of years. I aim to provide the best legal and tax-efficient advice possible as well as protect your Estate and family's inheritance in the best way imaginable. I have valuable experience having dealt with simple to complex estates and family situations, no matter how difficult or intricate your Estate and personal or business circumstances may be. I have the key legal knowledge, valuable experience, wisdom and skill to help you in the most optimum way that will benefit you and the future of those you wish to protect.

In my spare time, I love to read and write poetry, taking part in puzzles, crosswords and learning languages with my family are also great. I also love to go swimming and for exciting day adventures with my family. 

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